“Jerusalem Syndrome” came forth as a desire to speak about a challenging topic, such as mental health, in a straightforward, hopefully engaging and amusing way. The actual definition of “Jerusalem Syndrome” appears is the DSM IV essentially stating that a typically ‘mentally sound’ person who comes to Jerusalem can experience a psychotic break while in the Holy City due to the intensity of a perceived religious experience, and after a week or two the individual returns back to ‘normal’ ;). Maybe we have all been in the city for a little too long and the syndrome just wont let up. So who are we exactly? We are a group of 4 individuals, originally from the States and/or Canada, who found ourselves living in the amazing, diverse and deeply intense city we love and know, Jerusalem, Israel.

We are all connected to the issue of mental health and support the cause of working towards creating understanding and acceptance in this, often times, fast paced and intolerant world. This issue has touched all of our lives in one way or another, professionally or personally so much so that we feel the need to take the time and write it all down.

We have yet to come across a blog similar to this existing in the Jewish, Israeli Mental Health community and thought it might be interesting to bring forth a unique perspective with the hopes of touching lives and affecting positive societal change.

Bear with us as we explore the topic and join along by commenting on our articles in the provided ‘reply’ box, or send us a personal email to jerusalemsyndrome13@gmail.com


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