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“All the lonely people”…..Breaking the Isolation

To Be Alone By Yehoshua The truth is, to be alone, is sometimes necessary But not always, so it would seem, or why would people marry? A family is a good thing, and friends are always nice, And having someone … Continue reading

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Wisdom from travellers on the Road Less Travelled – reflections on the search for identity and meaning in life

Once Upon a Time… By Bessie Once upon a time there was a very strange family. The father was a helicopter, the mother was a dolphin and the baby was a horse. But what was even stranger was that the … Continue reading

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“A ‘Sane’ Person’s Guide Through Insanity” How to reach out and help when you can’t find the ‘right’ way

Touching the Heart By Bessie The neglect is a source of much pain, but there are also occasions when we are touched by compassion. I remember one night when I was filled with dispair, having been assigned to live in … Continue reading

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Famous people have mental health problems too……

A limerick by Yehoshua Beethoven was a German musician, Whose mind, when in manic condition, Could write without flaws To joyous applause Many works of its own volition. Another was named Churchill, Winston, Who was a famous politician He knew … Continue reading

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What’s Up Doc?

Seeing the Psychiatrist By Bessie When he smiles at me, I feel elated. When he frowns, I’m terrified. I feel like he has the power of life or death over me and I find it hard to tell him who … Continue reading

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Welcome to our World

PRESENTING THE VERY FIRST EDITION OF ‘JERUSALEM SYNDROME’ By Elisabeth “Jerusalem Syndrome” is a newsletter collaboration of musings, reflections and¬†introspection into the world of mental health from the inside out. Our mission is to use this medium as a creative … Continue reading

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